The Condo

Downsizing to a condo can be challenging. However, an efficient planning of the space can provide “peace of mind” and give you the perfect retreat.


The Loft

Many people nowadays work from home. Having a work space that’s inspiring and enjoyable all year long is the key for a dream office!

Prospector’s House

The Prospector’s House

A simple family home came on to the market and through vision, commitment and talent, the family house was turned into A B&B that captures the spirit of the past, and the prospectors who explored every inch of the region.


The Den

Small rooms can have multiple purposes! This very small den had a corner unit that consumed the entire room. By changing the cabinets for much larger Rococo custom cabinetry, it enlarged the room, and allowed space for a working desk.

Living Room

The Living Room

When organizing a living space, everything must be considered, textures, artwork & accessories, and space planning. This living room is now cozy and harmonized.


The Exterior

Exterior spaces can be so enjoyable when properly set-up. Imagine coming home at the end of the day the ideal spot to kick back and relax!