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Featured in The Weekender

This article explains how in the above photo you can see the art set up as a matching game inside the inn where the prospector art created by Laura Landers was attached to wooden blocks that can be spinned along the vertical poles. These works then were utilized in the colouring book and matching games above. It also elaborates on the concept of The Prospectors House.

glodeandmailSee The Globe And Mail’s article on The Prospector’s House and memory game here!

TFOTFO Promotional Video

French Television of Ontario (TFO) created this amazing video on the prospector’s house! Don’t miss it!

press-page-rossNorthern Ontario Business

See Northern Ontario Business’ charming write up by Ian Ross here.

It discusses the history and redesign of The Prospector’s House!

press-lindsayLuc De La Rochellière and Andrea Lindsay

In this French interview, Luc De La Rochellière and Andrea Lindsay mention their favourite Northern Ontario tour stop was The Prospector’s House!